What is Set Title Workflow?
SharePoint Set Title is smart tool which Sets title of document automatically in SharePoint when the document is uploaded or modified. The workflow would be configured to initiate automatically when the file is created and would rename the Document title based on whatever rules you put in place. SharePoint Set Title provides a SharePoint workflow template to automatically set tile for documents when documents are uploaded or modified
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1 Do I need Set Title?

Normally, when a document is uploaded to SharePoint Document library, the SharePoint document title will not be set automatically. Unfortunately you have to set title Especially if you need to lookup documents while only Title not File Name can be used. SharePoint Set Title can help you to save time by completing boring work to set the title Manually. Usually you’d like that the title of document is set automatically when you uploaded SharePoint document without inputting the title manually in SharePoint Document Library. This is possible using Set Title Workflow based on whatever rules you put in place. By using Set Title Workflow, you don’t need to fill in Title column when documents Are uploaded. After the documents have been uploaded, waiting for the workflow finished, the SharePoint document title will be filled automatically.

2 I do not have MOSS 2007. Can I use with WSS 3.0?

Yes. You can use Set Title workflow with WSS 3.0.

3 Can I use Set Title with WSS 2.0 or MOSS 2003?

No. Set Title doesn’t support WSS 2.0 or MOSS 2003.

4 Which License I should buy?

Please refer Set Title License FAQ

5 What kind of rules I can set for Title? Can you give some example?
You can set the rules for when to start the workflow. For example you can set the rule to start the workflow when a new item is created or when an item is changed. You can also set the rule for the title you want to set. As for example if you want to set the file title with date created and also want to include other information, by defining the rules you can set the file title as you required when document is uploaded or modified.

6 What is limitation of BETA release?

Please refer Set Title License FAQ

7 What is limitation of Trial version?
Trial version will be expired within 30 days.

8 I do not find answer to my question here! What should I do?

Please send us an email regarding your query from here.


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