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ASP.Net Email Validator finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form ! ASP.Net Email Validator will make sure you keep valid email addresses of your customers and stay connected ! ASP.Net Email Validator is highly scalable email validator solution. Capable of handling large volumes of addresses and it can be easily integrated into your website to check addresses on-the-fly !
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1 What is Email Validator?

Email Validator is a .NET email component, also known as an assembly. It is written in 100% C# for speed and efficiency. It does not have any dependencies on any unmanaged code or COM libraries. Email Validator only requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer.

2 What can Email Validator do for me?

Email Validator allows you to validate email addresses and MX Records, from any .NET application. Email Validator can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The only limitation to using Email Validator is your programming imagination.

3 Can I use Email Validator in windows applications?

Absolutely! You can use Email Validator from a Windows Form application, web services, ASP.NET web pages, and any other .NET supported application.

4 Why am I getting a license exception with the Evaluation copy?

Evaluation copy will expire after 30 days of its first run. So after 30 days you will get this license exception error. You should purchase license copy from us. Click here to Purchase now!

5 How do you provide user feedback when an email is valid?

If you wanted to provide user feedback you could do something like this:
protected void Page_Load( object sender, EventArgs e )
if ( Page.IsPostBack )
if ( Page.IsValid )
//all validation controls passed.
//save email address in database.
// provide user feedback
Label1.Text = "Thank you, your details have been saved.";
//one or more validation controls have not passed.
// provide user feedback
Label1.Text = "There are errors on the page. " +
"Please correct them and re-submit.";

6 Who needs Email Validator?

Email Validator is useful to anyone who has an online presence and sends email or collects email addresses.

7 What do I need to run Email Validator?

Email Validator is a low overhead, highly optimized assembly, that only needs the Microsoft .NET (or equivalent) framework to run. Any system that can support the Microsoft.NET framework will be able to use Email Validator. It can be used from any environment supported by .NET. These environments include winforms, ASP.NET, console applications, components, or web services.

8 License is per Server or per Developer?

You will get answer from license page.

9 How do I use Email Validator?

Email Validator can only be used programmatically from a .NET environment, including, but not limited to, ASP.NET, win forms, console applications, and web services. Here are two brief examples for using Email Validator from C# and Visual Basic. For more examples,

//set the email address
string EmailAddress = "";

MXValidateLevel level = mx.Validate( EmailAddress , MXValidateLevel.Mailbox );

if( level == MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)
Console.WriteLine( "Valid Email Address");
Console.WriteLine( "Not Valid Email Address");

[Visual Basic]

'set the email address
Dim EmailAddress As String = ""

Dim level As MXValidateLevel = mx.Validate(EmailAddress, MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)

If level = MXValidateLevel.Mailbox Then Console.WriteLine("Valid Email Address")
Console.WriteLine("Not Valid Email Address")
End If

10 Will Email Validator filter out all my bad email addresses?

Email Validator will filter out email addresses that are rejected by mail servers. Unfortunately Email Validator cannot detect hard bounces. Email Validator does not send an email, it only uses the best SMTP commands to *attempt* to send an email without actually sending one. Once the receiving mail server either accepts or denies the attempted send, Email Validator cleanly closes the mail server connection, without sending an email.

11 Can Email Validator validate a text file of email addresses?

Yes. The method ValidateEmailFile() accepts a file path parameter and will validate the email addresses found in a text file.

12 Can Email Validator find the mail servers for a domain?

Yes. Besides validating email address, Email Validator can validate and find the MX (mail exchanger) records for a domain.

13 Why does Email Validator returns every Yahoo Address as correct. Even an Invalid Email Address like

Some mail servers always return a positive response that a mailbox exists, and it is only until an email is sent to a mailbox, that the server responds with a negative response saying a mailbox does not exist. Microsoft's exchange server is notorious for doing this. However, we have optimized Email Validator control to help with this situation, and return faster results against those known servers.

14 Is it compatible with Visual Studio 2005?

YES. It supports Visual Studio 2005 & .NET Framework 2.0. You may download Email Validator demo with Sample Code for Visual Studio 2005

15 Is there any chance of an AJAX version of Email Validator? Or do you have any comments about how to implement with AJAX?
Right now no AJAX version of Email Validator available. You can use MS AJAX Update Panel OR to make it AJAX.

16 I am looking at the "Email Validator 2.0" product and wanted to know if this comes with Source Code or not?
Email Validator does not come with Source code. You can use Email Validator as a web service also. For more details visit Web Services.

17 Is it possible to use the Email Validator with an existing registration page and if yes how?
Email Validator is .NET component and can be used with .NET application. You can use Email Validator with exiting ASP.NET form. To learn how it works,
please have look at Web Demo pages.

18 Is EmailValidator compatible with ASP pages? If not do you have a version that is?
Email Validator is 100% .net Component and does not work with asp page.

19 I am using the Email Address Validator from SOA Express for Excel (from StrikeIron) and I am trying to figure out how to verify multiple email addresses at a time. Is that possible to configure in SOA Express?
To check multiple addresses you need to do some work to setup system whereby consecutive calls would be made.

20 Does Email Validator support Windows Vista? Any chance that I can install your component to my Vista machine?
No, right now it doesn’t support Windows Vista. We are in the process to support it.

21 I've tried your Email Validator component and I want to buy it. But the validation process is taking a very long time. Is it possible to shorten the processing time?
Yes, it is possible to set SMTP time out.

22 Some email address using Email Validator component take a long time, especially if it is a bad email address. How to stop the process and notify us if the process does not complete within 30 seconds. How can we set the 30 seconds to get the failure notice?
If it is known bad email address, you can add into bad email address list forever. Please note that smtptimeout property accepts time in sec not in millisecond. Hence assign value 3 for 3 Second time out not 3000.

23 I bought version 2.0 of Email Validator Single developer. But when launching the website or VB2005, the default.aspx page is redirected to your website page, why do not I see my page?
We assume you are using demo on your local machine. You should directly navigate to EmailValidatorDemo.aspx page in demo project.

24 We bought the Email Validator; we are trying to use the DLL. We are getting the error saying that, "SocketException: error message " An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"while executing 'Validate()'. What could be the reason?
There are the things that you should make sure
1) Your firewall is not blocking MX query
2) Antivirus software is not blocking MX query or connection to mail server outside your network.

25 What could be the parameters for DnsServer, SmtpFromEmail, SmtpFromDomain ? I am running on my local machine.
You should get DnsServer IP address from your network administrator. This varies from organization to other. SmtpFromEmail is email address which will be used to Communicate while doing MX query to destination server. E.g. SmtpFromDomain is email server address which is used as base to communicate while Doing MX query. E.g. or

26 If we buy the Redistribution version, Is Email Validator comes as a standalone product or a web service?
yes, it comes as a standalone product.

27 Using your Email Validator some email addresses on the validation check is failing when checking the emails. The error that is returned is: Recipient address rejected: Greylisted for 5 minutes, Is there any around this?
For this error could be security configured on destination mail server. Such email server is checking FromEmail address and SMTP server from where you are querying. If this found to be fake or incorrect it returns this error. You might be using email server and email used in demo. These are and You should use your email server in EmailValidator properties.

28 Do you have a sample code in ASP.NET visual basic?
You can find the examples in documentation. Please have a look at documentation for code samples. In Documentation, there is a topic named Examples, in that topic you can Find code samples for both C# and VB.NET.

29 I purchased the single developer license, but it always fails when connecting to the domain server. It always works when I use
Demo version uses DimpleSoftwares's mail server and DNS server. Please change mail server and DNS properties as per you network settings.

31 I would like to set up a service to verify e-mail addresses (similar to your on line demo) on my web site that runs on a unix server. Will your Email Validator run in that Environment ?
Email Validator works with .NET Framework only. You can use our web service to validate email addresses.

32 I have been having a fair bit of trouble trying to get your Email Validator into the toolbox in VS2008. I am new to VS. What is the correct process for installing your control into VS?
Email Validator is Component not a Control so you can’t get it into Toolbox. Add reference to Email Validator assembly and namespace to code file where you want to use. This Will allow you use Email Validator object.

33 I purchased Email Validator and managed to get the control to work on my web site fine no problems, I transferred the working page onto the live site but it keeps telling me the email address is invalid all the time, any suggestions please.
Please have a look at Validation Log. This will help you identify where it not working. Possible reason could be
1) New environment is blocking MX query other mail servers
2) DNS and mail server properties need to be changed.

34 I purchased the Email Validator component. It has been working for a long time until just recently; I put your demo version in my domain. The property values are hard coded rather than entering in text boxes.
Email Validator works with help of values set in its properties. If u set server names, such as from email, DNS, etc, which does not allow MX Query through external program you may get security problem.

35 Your Email Validator doesn't connect to the port 80 but only to the port SMTP 25. Is it normal?
Yes. SMTP required connection on port 25 and it is normal.

36 When I am using Email Validator sometimes the smtp validation crashes and have to be catched by a try-catch block. For example emails ending on and will make the application crash. What is the reason for this? And can it be solved?
Some server implements protection mechanism against query and sending test data. These servers allow establishing connection but terminates when trying to send data. You can modify code to handle this exception. This is up to you to catch any other exception that you think may throw during validation.

37 I am using your Email Validator but have now found that it validates emails as incorrect if there is less than 3 letters before @. It says: "Syntax is not correct."
This is configurable. You can change this by setting property. You can fix to any number of character by default it is 3. Property name is EmailSyntaxPattern Please set new regular expression as wish.

38 Does your Email Validator component require SMTP server to relay through?
Yes, Email Validator Component requires SMTP server to relay through.

39 I am running Email Validator locally and am having a problem validating e-mail addresses. When I start the project, I can validate the default ( email address fine, but when I input any other e-mail address, it returns one of the two below errors. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: input “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”
It looks SMTP server you are trying is not allowing to connect. You can try changing SMTP server name, from email address in Email Validator properties. There could be one or more reason for this error.
1) SMTP server not available.
2) SMTP do not allow MX Queries
3) SMTP server and From Email address is invalid
4) Antivirus and Anti spam software blocking such network query.

40 I am evaluating your Email Validator and tried changing the SMTP properties and e-mail address and I am able to validate your e-mail addresses from your domain, but I am getting the error when I try to validate others (from GMAIL, AOL, COMCAST).
There could be couple of reasons. It may possible that SMTP or email address you are using is rejected by some of the email server you are querying. You can try changing SMTP as well as DNS server property to make sure every setting belong to your environment. In other case you can use demo parameters if works for you.

41 I am able to validate email addresses using your demo though, my question is, do we need to use a local SMTP for this to function correctly?
Difference between online demo and your environment are
1) Online demo uses correct SMTP detail from where it is querying. E.g. all setting belongs to DimpleSoftware. In your case it is might be same but could be behind the Firewall.
2) No Proxy server setting which can block the connection to outside world.
3) Antivirus is disabled for MX query on online demo.

42 When I am testing on yahoo accounts Email Validator hangs, but if I then re-run it works ok. Is there a timeout for the functions?
Demo version uses DimpleSoftwares's mail server and DNS server. Please change mail server and DNS properties as per you network settings.

43 What implications do the use of your component has on the server that hosts the Email Validator control? Such as, blacklisting the servers IP?
Demo version uses DimpleSoftwares's mail server and DNS server. Please change mail server and DNS properties as per you network settings.

44 How does your Email Validator component handle under the pressure of checking an email list which contains approximately 50,000 records?
Demo version uses DimpleSoftwares's mail server and DNS server. Please change mail server and DNS properties as per you network settings.

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