KUpload+ is an ASP.Net File Upload component with Pure HTML Progress bar. KUpload+ allows great control over the upload of huge files (Up to Virtually Unlimited) from client browser to web server through HTTP. It has real time progress bar which keeps track of every file upload and allows you to watch how much of your file has been uploaded.
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1 What is the difference between KUpload+ and KUpload+ AJAX?

KUpload+ and KUpload+ AJAX are different products.
KUpload+ - This does file streaming on server DISK.
KUpload+ AJAX - This is an Add-on to KUpload+. It replaces HTML Progress bar with AJAX based Progress Bar in KUpload+.
If you want to upload file of large size (In MBs & GBs) then KUpload+ is best for you. There are other advanced features in KUpload+ such as AutoSave, Enhanced Progress Bar with more uploading information.

2 How KUpload+ uploads file of huge size?

KUpload+ does not use server memory for caching files before actually saving, instead it uses disk memory to cache temporary files in temporary directory (as specified in web.config) by default it is "Uploads" sub-directory in application's root directory. This means that even for huge uploads, KUpload+ will use only a small amount of server memory

3 What's the maximum size for an upload?

With KUpload+, you will be able to cope with multiple ongoing uploads each up to Virtually Unlimited in size. IIS does not allow uploads larger than 2 GB.

4 How path is interpreted in KUpload+ functions?

KUpload+ decides whether a path should be interpreted as a URL or as an absolute file path using a simple method. If the path...
contains a backslash ("\") it will be interpreted as an absolute path
contains a forward slash ("/") it will be interpreted as virtual path.
It is programmer's responsibility to use path with appropriate slash.

5 I am VB. Net programmer can I use this component?

Yes. You can use KUpload+ with VB. net and C# both. We have created demo for both the languages. You can download demo from download page.

6 Can I write uploaded file names in Database?

Yes. KUploadControl class contains uploaded file collection, which gives all the details of uploaded file and full control over file upload similar to standard ASP.Net Classes.

7 License is per Server or per Developer?

Will get detailed answer from license page.

8 What do you mean by local server?

Local server refers to local web server. By default local server's IP address is and can be accessed by or http://localhost.

9 How to SetUp KUpload+?

KUpload+ has simple installer. To install KUpload+, You must be logged in as Administrator user. Run SetUp.exe to install KUpload+, installer will do following things for you.
1) Creates Virtual Directory.
2) Creates other sub-directories and assigns necessary permissions.
3) Installs Assemblies and other sample files.
4) Create short cuts in your program menu & desktop.

10 How to install KUpload+ in existing ASP. net application?

Here are step to run KUpload+ with existing ASP. Net application.
1) Install KUpload+ as mentioned above.
2) DimpleSoftwares.KFileUploadPlus.dll from bin directory to bin directory of your ASP.Net application.
3) Create "Uploads" folder in root directory & provide Write permission to ASPNET user for "Uploads" folder. This is default temporary directory you can change if you wish.
4) Make sure directory is created and Write permission is given, where you are going to save the uploaded files.
5) Merge web.config file with your web.config file. i.e. Copy following sections/elements into your web.config file. You can copy web.config file from the demo if you do not have any specific thing in web.config file.
<section name="UploadModuleManagement" type="UploadModule.UploadModule,UploadModule" /> </configSections>
<UploadModuleManagement bufferSize="2048"/>
<add name="UploadModule" type="UploadModule.UploadModule, UploadModule" /></httpModules>
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1048576" executionTimeout="1200">

11 How can I use KUpload+ Demo on live web application?

Our demo works only for local server. However, based on request to us, we can send you demo that will run on live application and will be able to upload only one file. For this please send us application name. e.g. If you want to test on http://www.xyz.com then send us this URL.

12 Why KUpload+ throws an "Arithmetic Overflow exception" When I am submitting the upload form?

Form data Error exception is thrown in following cases, please check your form data that you are submitting.
1) Form is not in format as specified in standard multipart HTML forms as defined in RFC 1867.
2) Form data has some invalid or very large data in fields, such as ViewState contains very large object.

If problem caused by Large ViewState then increase Upload buffer size in web.config file. Default size is 2048 bytes you can increase this size.
<UploadModuleManagement bufferSize="2048"/>

13 Does KUpload+ allow to change the name of the file being uploaded?

Yes. KUpload+ allows to change the name of the file uploaded. If you are using AutoSave functionality then you can set Overwrite property of KUpload+ to false so that KUpload/KUpload+ will save with save name as file name on client machine.

14 If uploading is stopped in between due to Connection failure then what will be happened?

Upload done so far will remain in to Temp Directory as specified in web.config file. This situation need to be handle by programmer. This is same situation, when power gets failed when running any application. You should delete temporary file(s) from Temp Directory.

15 Does your .net assembly have any dependencies that are not default to the framework?


16 On my server I’m hosting a dozen websites. Can I use the component in all these websites. They are all on the same server?

Yes. We suggest, If you purchase Single Server license then you would be able to run KUpload+ on any website on that server. You can offer free use of KUpload+ to any application that are hosted on the server.

17 Can I use AutoSave with multiple file uploads? If so how?

Yes. You can check this functionality in KUpload+ demo.

18 Do KUpload+ License need the external addressable IP of the web server or the internal NAT’ed IP address?

First, Single Server license is allowed to work only on one machine. Machine IP address have to be fixed. To use this on live server we need IP address of the Web Server. Technically IP address is what is return by the "LOCAL_ADDR" server variable. Now if you can set same IP address for the local development machine then it will work at both the places. i.e. Live and Development machine.

19 KUpload+ gives path error while saving the files?

Please check path used for saving the uploaded file. This should follow the path interpretation rules as mention in "How path is interpreted in KUpload+ functions?"

20 Do you know if KUpload+ will function without issue from an Appl Mac?

No. We support windows platform.

21 Why Exception Form data Error occurs when I submit the form?

22 I am VB. Net programmer can I use this component?

Yes. You can use KUpload+ with VB. net and C# both. We have created demo for both the languages. You can download demo from download page.

23 I have purchased the KUpload component, How can I get the license file to unlock the component?

After purchase order is confirmed, We sent you mail to get Server/Application details. Please fill form & sent back to us. Using this details we will send you licensed Copy of KUpload+ along with demo files.

24 I purchased a copy of Server Version of KUpload+, which IP address I have to send to get the licensed version of KUpload+?

License require IP address of Live web server (Server on Internet). i.e. IP address of the computer (i.e. Web server) on which you are going to use KUpload+. For example, You have hosted your web site (http:// www.ilspa.it) on the web hosting server. Now this web server has one IP address. This IP address is fixed. We require this IP address. If you are not sure then you may ask to your hosting provider. or
You may run ASP file on your web site and send us the value of "LOCAL_ADDR" from result table. e.g.
1) You have website http://www.yourcompany.com
2) Upload file test_ser_var.asp to web server.
3) Open page http://www.yourcompany.com/test_ser_var.asp
4) Page will show table. Search for "LOCAL_ADDR". Send IP address displayed next to this table cell. It will look like


25 I would like to know if there is any problem with using the component with HTTPS protocol?

KUpload+ works fine with HTTPS protocol.

26 Is it Compatible with Visual Studio 2005?

Yes. It supports Visual Studio 2005 & .NET Framework 2.0. You may download KUpload+ demo with Sample Code for Visual Studio 2005.

27 I received the following error message within your component while evaluating KUpload+ demo in an ASP.NET 2.0 application. Server Error in '/Checkout' Application.

Use IIS instead of ASP.NET dev server and use directly localhost without port number. Demo is installed in http://localhost/kuploadplusdemo.

28 Does KUpload+ 2.0 has a way to filter the size of the file before its uploaded?

Yes. This is possible with KUpload+ 2.0. KUpload+ checks total upload size. You can limit total upload size in KUpload+ using setting in web.config file. If user try to upload file more than allowed size, KUpload+ will throw an exception. Developer can handle this exception and display user friendly message to user. For more information, please refer Topic Features-> Size validation in HTML help document. This document you will find in Demo. Click here to download KUpload+ demo.

29 Can I upload from my website located on one server to a folder located on a different server, connected through VPN?

Yes. You can save file to other server. You need to map Network path. KUpload+ allows to save file either using Virtual path or Physical path. You can use mapped path as physical path.

30 Is there anyway to prevent KUpload+ from uploading if a non-submit button is clicked? How?

Yes. You can use pure HTML button & form./p>

31 Does KUpload+ Redistribution needs to be registered on each of my client's webserver?

No. There is no need to Register KUpload+ on server. For KUpload+ Redistribution, instead of installing anything, only the "DimpleSoftwares.KFileUploadPlus.dll" file needs to be in the bin folder of your ASP.NET web application.

32 How can I get the demo version to work on our development server?

For testing purpose. Please download Trial DLL from http://www.dimplesoftwares.com/downloads/DimpleSoftwares.KFileUploadPlus.zip. You can use DLL on live server. DLL is 30 day evaluation version. Evaluation copy will work for 30 days from the first use of DLL. Note: Make sure your machine is connected to internet and computer is able to connect web services.

33 Does KUpload+ support ASP and VB? I mean can I use it in any ASP/VB application?


34 Can I add some Business Logic to KUpload+ of my own?

Not in component but yes you can use KUpload+ object and do programming around it.

35 Will the demo version of the component work on the server without any restrictions?

Demo version is fully functional product without any restriction and will work on any machine as long as it is accessed with localhost.

36 Should I set the Web - Server to "Use IIS Web Server" or "Use Visual Studio Development Server?"

If you are using KUpload+ in a Web Application then you must set the Web Server to "IIS Web Server" AND not "Visual Studio Development Server".

37 Is there any possibility that rather than writing the file on the file system, we can write directly in database?

No. But you can do this with simple code because initially KUpload+ does streaming of file in temporary directory and path specified in web.config file. This file later can be saved to destination directory using same method of KFile Object. One can save file to database from temporary folder as well.

38 Does KUpload+ component work within Microsoft Ajax UpdatePanel?

No. KUpload+ requires postback of page and so it cannot be used with Microsoft AJAX UpdatePanel

39 Invalid License! : KUpload+ is giving error Invalid License! You are not authorized to use this Copy. Please buy new KUpload+ copy from DimpleSoftwares.com?

KUpload+ uses a license file to validate a license. To resolve this problem :
1).Please make sure that the license File "DimpleSoftwares.KUploadPlus.Lic" is in the bin folder. i.e. in the same folder where DimpleSoftwares.KUploadPlus.dll resides.
2). Make sure web.config file is integrated as per the installation notes provided in the documentation. Compare your file with the web.config file in demo project.
3).Make sure you are using the “DimpleSoftwares.KUploadPlus.dll” file from the latest demo.

40 Can KUpload+ upload all the files in a folder without selecting them individually?

No. However KUpload+ can upload multiple files selected individually by a user.

41 Can I use KUpload+ hosted on a web server by a hosting provider without installing KUpload+ software?

Yes. KUpload+ is .NET assembly, if already hosted on the web server it can be used without any further installation.

42 If I want to host KUpload+ on a shared web server, do I have to install it on the host?

Yes. KUpload+ is .NET assembly and it requires to be installed on the web server where it is to be used.

43 Does KUpload+ component needs to be registered on the web server at each of my clients?

No. KUpload+ is pure ASP.NET server component. You need not register it either on server side or client side.

44 Does the upload ever time-out if the image file is too large?

No, if request time-out property is set to a large value. Yes, otherwise. Please have a look at web.config file in demo project for request time-out settings.

45 Can “DimpleSoftwares.KUploadPlus.dll” work on a shared server or do I need to alter IIS settings?

Yes. DimpleSoftwares.KUploadPlus.dll will work on shared server without changing IIS settings.

46 When using the KUpload + in a test environment for .NET 2.0, my localhost has a port no. Will the demo work?

No. Demo works with “localhost” only. Port number is not allowed in application path.

47 Is it possible to create a folder on the fly i.e. if a folder doesn't exist can KUpload+ create the folder?

Yes. Creating folder has nothing to do with KUpload+. You can write code to create folder on the fly. You need to have appropriate permission for that.


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